The Ultimate Bundle


Your complete household solution
This bundle includes:
2 x 2Kg Laundry Powder
1 x 3Kg Dishwasher Powder
1 x Rinse Aid
2 x Sanitiser Softener Laundry Liquid
1 x Ultra Concentrate Laundry Liquid
1 x Delicates Woolwash Laundry Liquid
1 x All Purpose Prewash Stain Remover
1 x Laundry Booster
1 x Descaler
1 x Kleen Glass
1 x Kleen Steel

Please note: If powder bags are temporarily out of stock, your powder will be delivered in a pail. Same great product, same quantity. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Laundry Powder
A super concentrated blend, suitable for use in all temperatures and water conditions. Enzymes are employed for the fast removal of blood, grass and other tough food stains in conjunction with a colour safe oxygen and solar activated bleach to assist with stain removal as well as ensuring whites come out whiter.
** If you would like to swap out the normal laundry powder for the low allergy powder which contains no fragrance or enzymes, please make a note in the order comments on check out. **

Dishwasher Powder
A super concentrated formula containing enzymes for the fast removal of food soiling and other tough food stains. Tea and coffee stains have been targeted by the addition of oxygen bleach, and the formula is rounded out with the inclusion of glass protection properties. It’s low foaming, can be used in all water conditions and contains an inbuilt rinse aid to improve drying and finish on utensils and glassware.

Rinse Aid
Enhances shine and gives improved performance versus detergent alone.

Sanitiser Softener Laundry Liquid
A powerful sanitiser and softener developed to break the cycle of bacterial growth, giving you the reassurance of day-to-day protection against germs*. It brings you the latest in laundry technology to produce an effective sanitiser, softener and deodoriser with softening performance that works.
*Tested in accord with BS EN 1276 and kills 99.9% of BACTERIA which are responsible for infections and re-infections.

Delicates Woolwash Laundry Liquid
Specifically formulated to gently clean delicate fabrics such as woollens, linens, dark garments and fine synthetics.

Ultra Concentrate Laundry Liquid
Low suds formula laundry liquid is effective at all wash temperatures and safe on both white and coloured fabrics. Whether used by hand or machine, results are brilliantly fresh.

All Purpose Prewash Stain Remover
Eliminates day to day stains such as oil, grease and cosmetics from washable fabrics. Its concentrated blend of enzymes and biodegradable detergents and solvents remove stains without need for rubbing or scrubbing. Safe to use on colourfast fabrics.

Laundry Booster
A colour safe, oxygen-bleach-based laundry soak and booster that can be used in all temperatures.

Cleans, descales, sanitises and deodorises washing machines and dishwashers in one easy step.

Kleen Glass
A non-toxic, biodegradable heavy duty cleanser which takes the hard work out of cleaning all types of cooktops from glass ceramic to enamel. This mild cleanser leaves your cooktop looking like new, making light work of spills, stains and marks.

Kleen Steel
Protects and enhances stainless steel appliances in one application – spray and wipe. It will provide a protective film over the surface whilst easily removing finger prints leaving a streak free shine.

For more information about stain removal please check out our stain removal guide.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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The Ultimate Bundle

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